Custom Fashion

Customized jewelry isn’t limited to couples headed down the aisle. And even if you’re one half of a beautiful duo, you can still design yourself a little something that’s all yours.

Calling all Houston jewelry lovers: No partner? No problem. Our jewelry can be specially designed to empower all the single ladies (or gents, or anyone else) out there. Plus, we happily cater to anyone who just wants to express their fabulous sense of style with a singular, exciting accessory. As such, our customization services aren’t just for wedding jewelry. We also offer custom designs for anything you or your loved ones can imagine.

Sehgal Diamonds has an infinite number of options when it comes to custom creations—and we’re always excited to work on a new project. Want to refashion mom’s emerald ring into something that’s more…well…you? Always had your heart set on the perfect diamond solitaire necklace? We’ve got you covered.

Bring your ideas and inspirations to our jewelers, and we can craft a piece according to your unique specifications. We’ll work with you on the design from start to finish, and we won’t settle for anything less than your complete satisfaction. With your vision and our high-quality craftsmanship, we can create the jewelry of your dreams.

Or we can build you a custom creation inspired by someone special.

If grandma’s headed for a milestone birthday, or grandpa wants to repurpose his class ring into something more modern, we can help you fashion the ideal gift with a personal touch. Create a thoughtful piece out of thin air and stay involved in the process with on-going consultations that ensure you’ll be able to present your loved one with a perfect piece that celebrates them for exactly who they are.

Learn more about our customization process by giving us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our jewelers. We’re anxiously awaiting your next big jewelry idea.


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