Birthstones by Month

* January ~ Garnet
* February ~ Amethyst
* March ~ Aquamarine
* April ~ Diamond
* May ~ Emerald
* June ~ Pearl
* July ~ Ruby
* August ~ Peridot
* September ~ Sapphire
* October ~ Opal
* November ~ Topaz
* December ~ Blue Topaz

Gemstone of the Month

– Tanzanite , Turquoise , Zircon – December birthstones

’Tis the season for incredible gemstones. December comes with an abundance of options in regards to birthstones. Traditionally, dating back to the 15th-20th century, the bloodstone and ruby were the stones for the month. The birthstones then changed to turquoise and lapis lazuli, but that’s only within the United States and that has also since changed; eliminating lapis lazuli from the list and replacing it with zircon and tanzanite. As for Britain, they have selected turquoise and tanzanite to be their gemstones for December. Let’s see what the U.S. stones have to offer for those born, and not born, in the month full of season.

Turquoise is that stunning blue hue that reminds you of resting on the beach in the Bahamas but it isn’t a solid tone, and it also doesn’t come in a standard shape. This stone is full of curves and accented with different shades and specks of color. As for it’s impeccable meaning, turquoise is one of the oldest stones used for protection. It is said to protect you from negative energy and to also bring good fortune! Now that’s some bang for your buck. It is also used to relieve and treat many health problems associated with pain, such as; cramps, inflammation, toxic elements, sore stomach, muscular pain etc.

As for Zircon, it is also an illuminating blue stone that offers protection again evil, units, illness, and negative energy. It’s much clearer and translucent than the prior.

Lastly, tanzanite, it is the darkest blue of the three and is also more translucent and purer in tone than the Turquoise. This gemstone is said to cure stress and mental illness, while also encouraging better and more beautiful looking hair and skin. The calming elements that it offers is also a huge benefit as it allows the wearer to be more understanding and sensitive.

All three represent and bring the wearer a happy life filled with incredible fortune; and each come with a different price and value.