This might be the season to toss your small pendants and minimalistic jewelry pieces in your jewelry box until the next year because the fall and winter 2016 season is all about making a statement, which is what you want your accessories to do anyway, right? Whether it’s a bold necklace, statement bangle or simmering chandelier earrings, it is time to let your jewelry get a little loud, but remember this one vital fashion rule of thumb; never overload your style with massive earrings, bracelets, necklace, rings and so much more. Choose a couple pieces per attire to give each the limelight it deserves. Here are some of the ways to do just that.

For Your Ears: One Sided

You’ve seen this fashion trend on celebrity a-listers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie, and the designers of the fashion industry have taken such inspiration and applied it into their collection. This is an excellent way to put all of those solo-earrings (that you can’t find the matching pair to) back into your wardrobe! Choose your best side and put in a long, bold and charming earring to pull of this red carpet look. It can be everything from dazzling crystals to geometric shapes.

For Your Arm: Statement Bracelets

Your bracelets and bangles are about to make a comeback for the fall and winter 2014 season. Bright and captivating styles are a must-have for this time of year. Statement bracelets are on trend. So, grab yourself a leather, figurative cuff, fur bracelet, feather-wrapped bangles or large medallion cuff to take your style into the next season. Your arm accessories should definitely be captivating and outstanding. So, forget about little bracelets that you hide under your sleeve. It’s all about doing it big, living it bold, and wearing it beautifully.

For Your Fingers: The More the Merry

It’s true! Start stacking on those rings because ’tis the season to do so. All kinds of colors and fabrics are trending for the fall and winter 2014 season rings and as long as you’re wearing many and/or a multi-ring, you’ve got the trend just right. Every finger is going to be getting a touch of glitz and glamour. Get yourself a multi-ring that has several large gemstones, or slide on several of your favorite styles.

For Your Neck: Chokers or Crystals

It is time to channel back to the late 90s because choker necklaces are back in style but, they’re better than ever before. Your necklace is definitely going to be the center piece for your fall and winter outfits this year, and everything from eye-catching colors, leather patches, exotic leathers, oversized gemstones, spikes and Swarovski crystals are trending. Just make sure they’re big, bold and are tight around the neck to nail this trend – and to get a serious sparkle.

Over All: Geometric and Flowers

Geometric and flowers; a combination that you’ve probably never seen together but this season is about to change that because the fall and winter 2014 jewelry trends are incorporating clean, art-deco lines, geometric shapes and blooming flowers from all different elements. Oversized geometric earrings are a must, and you definitely can’t forever about crystal floral designs.

The jewelry trends are all about making a statement and the jewelry for the 2014 fall and winter season definitely doesn’t fall short of that. This is truly the season to pull out your wildest pieces and allow your jewelry to speak volumes about your sense of style. It’s time for a ton of sparkling.