Loose Diamonds

A diamond is one of the world’s most remarkable and unique masterpieces, each gem telling different story with its own natural beauty.

Sehgal Diamonds is well known for being a leader in Texas when it comes to buying and selling wholesale loose diamonds. Our certified master jewelers pride themselves on hand selecting only the finest inventory to meet and exceed all your expectations. We have one of the largest showrooms of loose diamonds in Texas that will sure to satisfy your every desire. Every cut and shape of the diamond is available to you, including princess cuts, radiant cuts, heart cuts, emerald cuts, and more. Just in case we don’t have what you want in our huge inventory, our certified master jewelers will use our well-established sourcing network to locate any cut, color, and quality of diamond that you seek.

You can make an appointment to view our loose diamonds with one of our experts to help you choose the best quality stone in your price range. If you are new to choosing diamonds or just looking for another set of eyes, our jewelers are happy to guide you through our inventory and explain the different cuts, colors, clarity, and carats to you. Every diamond sold by Sehgal Diamonds comes with Certification Documents from the Gemological Institute of America, independently detailing the quality and grade of the diamond. No matter the type of diamond you’re looking for, you can be certain Sehgal Diamonds will only deliver the finest quality. Our jewelry store is known for providing a welcoming experience where you can truly relax and have fun while choosing the jewelry of your dreams. Stop by today and see why Sehgal Diamonds is a cut above the rest.


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