Precious Metals

What is a Tungsten Ring? Know Your Houston Gold, Silver & Precious Metals

Precious metals such as Houston gold and silver are a wise investment. But how much do you know about these beautiful, glimmering pieces of jewelry? What is a tungsten ring and how is it different from palladium and platinum? Gold, platinum, tungsten or palladium metal types are available in diamond engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, chokers and more. The array of rings, diamonds or other jewelry requires that consumers become educated before choosing a precious metal.

Precious metals 101: The Basics of Houston Gold and Silver

Most precious metals fall into a few primary categories. These are called platinum group metals, silver or gold. You’ll often hear metals such as Tungsten or Palladium referred to as “precious”. This simply means they’re designated for jewelry. Other industries use gold, silver and metals for a range of purposes. For example, money, industrial manufacturing, electronics, health care and photography, use metals to accomplish tasks. Precious metals are generally found beneath the earth, and are found through a mining process. Before you buy a tungsten ring, learn about the benefits and differences between all precious metal types.

Guide to metal types

What is: Platinum

Platinum is one of the most valued precious metals, more expensive than a metal like gold. The durable, heavy metal is not as common in the earth and makes it the perfect accompaniment in jewelry, giving pieces some weight. It also compliments the brilliance of diamonds perfectly. Many Houston jewelers now feature platinum engagement rings for men and women. These pieces are fast becoming coveted by many an engaged couple.

The best platinum you can find in a Houston engagement ring is 90 to 95 percent pure. All platinum is a mixture of several heavy metals, but the higher the purity level, the more precious the metal, and the more costly.

Even though it’s rare and costs more, platinum engagement rings and jewelry maintain their luster and sheen over the decades, are hypoallergenic (when it’s very pure), and is an ideal choice for people with skin sensitivity problems. The metal is also easy to clean. Care involves brushing the metal gently, using a solution of warm water and soap.

What is: Gold

Long valued as a coveted precious metal, gold is maintaining its staying power as a go-to option for Houston wedding rings. Fine jewelers always feature gold for their clientele. The durable precious metal is valued not only for its aesthetically pleasing color and brilliance, but it’s also a durable, rust-resistant, untarnishable option.

There are a variety of gold purities that people can look for in the jewelry Houston retailers promote in their product offerings.

It’s important to know the difference between 14, 18 and 22 karat gold. Karatage is the term used to show how pure the precious metal is. The higher the purity, the higher the karat. The purest gold, or 100 percent of the precious metal, is 24k.
Gold that’s ranked 18k is 75 percent gold, usually combined with additional metals to give it strength.
14k gold is a little more than 50 percent pure (or 58.3 percent), combined with other metals. Along with the purity of the gold, there are also factors that contribute to the precious metal’s color. Essentially, the addition of other metals acts with the gold itself to create different colors and hues.
Yellow gold is usually a combination of copper and silver, along with pure gold. This type of gold maintains its structure and beauty over time. White gold is generally constructed with other white metal alloys. To keep it strong, it’s plated with rhodium, which frequently wears. To care for this type of gold, re-plating is necessary. Black gold is very durable. Consisting of white gold, black rhodium is used as plating. Black gold also requires re-plating over its life span to maintain its brilliance. The gold market fluctuates daily, and as a result, pricing can change. In general, however, you’ll pay more for gold as its purity increases, and with the design and craftsmanship of the piece you select rises, too.

Occasionally cleaning gold jewelry keeps it in good condition. Use warm water and soap, and a gentle hand to clean it. Avoid exposing your jewelry or diamonds to harsh cleaners and directly sunlight. Store them in their original boxes or cloth bags when not in use. You can also always bring your piece of jewelry to us for a complimentary jewelry cleaning.

What is: Tungsten

A lesser-known but very strong precious metal, tungsten is generally created using two components: carbon and tungsten. 80 percent of the piece is tungsten, and 20 percent from alloy metals and carbon. Tungsten rings are ideal for people looking for a scratch resistant, hypoallergenic, lasting piece. It doesn’t require a lot of care; however, it will react to harsh chemicals. As with other precious metals, it’s best to remove it when cleaning or swimming, and store it properly.

What is: Palladium

Along with platinum, palladium is rare but highly durable. It won’t tarnish, fade or corrode, and it’s not as heavy as platinum, which makes it an ideal material for jewelry. The brilliantly white precious metal stays that way over its lifetime. The best palladium jewelry Houston dealers will offer is 95 percent pure. Further, it doesn’t require plating, so it maintains its durability and color well.