Frequently Asked Questions

Our Showroom location and hours2018-07-05T17:49:00+00:00

Our showroom is located near the Galleria in Houston, TX. Our address is 6222 Richmond Ave. Suite# 345. We are open Mon – Fri 10 am – 6 pm and Saturday from 11 am – 3 pm by appointment. Our phone number is 713-785-7252.

-Policies and Warranties
-Visit our return policy page for more details here

Can Sehgal Diamonds make a piece of jewelry I like if I have an idea in mind?2018-07-05T17:50:09+00:00

If you see an item you like or an idea in mind that you would like to make, you may consult with our expert jeweler. Best way to custom design is to call us and we will be able to consult you through out the custom process. Visit our custom design page here for more details.

What is the turn around time?2018-07-05T17:50:49+00:00

The turn around time for a custom piece can be from 2-4 weeks once the design is confirmed. The time depends mostly on the piece you are having made. Please consult with our jeweler for more details.

Can all rings be sized?2018-07-05T17:52:09+00:00

Most of our rings can be sized; however some rings may be more difficult to size than others. If you do not see the ring size you need under the sizing section while selecting your ring you will need to contact one of our customer care representatives so that we may consult with you. We will be sure to solve any ring sizing issues for you. Please keep in mind eternity bands can not be sized.

Shipping back for Ring Sizing2018-07-05T17:52:50+00:00

If the customer is not satisfied the with ring size they choose initially we will be happy to help you with the re-sizing. However the shipping will be the responsibility of the customer.

Do you insure any jewelry?2018-07-05T17:54:18+00:00

No, we do not insure jewelry, but we highly recommend that you do.

Can you make appraisals for insurance purposes?2018-07-05T17:54:55+00:00

Yes we make appraisals for insurance purposes.

Who do you suggest for jewelry insurance?2018-07-05T17:55:36+00:00

You may insure your jewelry through your homeowners policy, or through Jewelers Mutual which specializes in jewelry insurance.

How long does it take?2018-07-05T18:00:42+00:00

Shipping may take up to 5 days via FED EX.

What are my shipping options?2018-07-05T18:01:21+00:00

We normally ship FED EX.

Do you charge for shipping?2018-07-05T18:01:58+00:00

We do not charge for shipping for the initial purchase, however if you are returning an item we will charge shipping.

Is my shipping insured?2018-07-05T18:02:30+00:00

Yes, you are covered through our insurance.

What forms of payments do you take?2018-07-05T18:03:03+00:00

We take all credit cards; VISA, MC, AMEX, DISCOVER, Wire Transfers, and Checks.

Can you take two credit cards?2018-07-05T18:03:36+00:00

Yes, we can definitely split your purchase between two credit cards, but it would have to be done by phone.

Does Sehgal Diamonds collect Sales Tax?2018-07-05T18:04:13+00:00

Since our showroom is in the State of Texas, we are required by law to collect tax. If you are ordering from another state there will be no tax added to your purchase.

Does Sehgal Diamonds offer financing?2018-07-05T18:04:49+00:00

No we do not offer financing.

Do you use synthetic stones?2018-07-05T18:05:25+00:00

No, every diamond, or gem stone we use is mined from the ground. Nothing we use is synthetic.

Can you explain the diamond grading terminology used to in the diamond/ and jewelry description?2018-07-05T18:05:58+00:00

Please refer to our Education section to understand the terminology we use.

Are all your diamonds certified?2018-07-05T18:07:13+00:00

All of our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America or the European Gemological Laboratories in the USA. These labs are considered the most reputable labs by the jewelry community for diamond and gemstone grading.

Can you appraise our jewelry?2018-07-06T10:19:42+00:00

Yes we can have your jewelry appraised for an extra charge. Please check out or services page for further information about this service.

Do you service and repair jewelry?2018-07-06T10:28:10+00:00

Yes, we do service and repair jewelry. You may see the list of services we provide in our ‘services’ section.

Is my information private on your site?2018-07-06T10:31:53+00:00

Sehgal Diamonds will keep any information we recieve 100% private.

Is shopping at Sehgal Diamond’s online store safe?2018-07-06T10:32:38+00:00

Yes, we use encryption software (SSL).